Back End Developer

We are looking for a Back End Developer who can improve our current back-end applications and procedures. You would be working closely with various members such as UI Designers, Engineers ,and Full Stack developers to ensure that the customer experience is top notch! The responsibilities include developing efficient websites while also understanding codes/programming languages in order work on team projects .

Job Responsibilities for Back End Developer

As a Back End Developer, you will be expected to work with developers and designers as well engineers in order improve our products. You must have great knowledge on data security compliance so that we can build out more sophisticated programs for clients!

  • Designing and implementing new features and functionality
  • Establishing and guiding the website’s architecture
  • Ensuring high-performance and availability
  • Optimizing the website for maximum speed and scalability
  • Designing and implementing data storage solutions
  • Managing user authentication and authorization
  • Integrating the website with third-party services
  • Troubleshooting issues and bugs
  • Monitoring website performance and usage metrics
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Coordinating with front-end developers to ensure a seamless user experience
  • Collaborating with other team members to brainstorm new ideas and features
  • Managing code repositories and deployments
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of latest industry trends

Back End Developer Salaries

The salary for a Back End Developer can vary depending on the company, location and nature of their employer’s business. A person who works in this profession could earn between 6-8k USD per month.

Back End Developer Job Qualifications

To be considered for this position, you must have experience in back-end development. The basic qualifications required to apply include:

  • Either a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming or related field or experience in the industry or both
  • Master degree in a similar discipline preferred
  • Prior experience of at least five years as a back end developer
  • Understanding of web development (design, development and deployment)
  • Experience with multiple back end languages

Back End Developer Skills Required

It is important for a back end developer to have both technical skills and interpersonal traits.

  • Have a strong understanding of server-side technologies.
  • Be proficient in one or more programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, or Python.
  • Have a strong understanding of databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, or Cassandra.
  • Be able to develop web applications using frameworks such as Laravel, Ruby on Rails, or Django.
  • Be able to create and consume web services using technologies such as REST or SOAP.
  • Be familiar with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Have a strong understanding of server administration and security.
  • Be able to deploy web applications to servers such as Apache or Nginx.
  • Be familiar with DevOps tools such as Puppet or Chef.
  • Have a strong understanding of distributed systems and microservices.

What to expect as a Back End Developer

Developing strong problem-solving skills and a relentless drive for continuous performance improvement is what it takes to be an Back End Developer:

  • Hands on experience with project planning
  • Opportunity to work with complex issues
  • Work and collaborate with various departments and in a team
  • Expert advice from professionals in the field and industry